Nike US Soccer Victory Creative: Everyone Wins!

The US women’s soccer team won the FIFA World Cup.

Nike did not waste any time marketing this.

The creative titled “Never Stop Winning” brings
black-and-white cinematography into play.

Check out Nike’s US soccer victory creative below.

The spot is not just about women’s soccer,
but more about female empowerment.

The words “break every glass ceiling and have their
faces carved on Mount Rushmore
” are inspiring.

Nike tweeted:

This team wins. Everyone wins.

Victory is when we all win. It’s only crazy until you do it. 

Recently, Nike drew attention for recalling the Air Max 1
over Betsy Ross flag issue.

Earlier, Nike’s Colin Kapernick Ad had gone viral.

It seems like Nike knows a thing or two about marketing.

The Company has been using social causes
in its marketing to attract consumers.

However, the modern consumer is smarter than before.

One of the comments on YouTube read-
We hope that this is for real, not only a piece of marketing

But Nike is not the only brand to churn out
marketing pieces around social issues.

Several brands leveraged Pride to attract users on Instagram.

Just a few days back, Coke had rolled out label-free cans.

And Pantene drew attention with its
don’t hate me because I’m, beautifulgbtq campaign.