Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BeautifuL GBTQ: Says Pantene!

Pantene’s iconic 1986 ad Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

turns into Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BeautifuLGBTQ.

Read that again.

It’s not a typo.

P&G announced this in a press release today.

This is part of their Power To Transform program
to support a diverse group of people.

The revamped video shows people from the LGBTQ+ dancing.

And the tagline says”

Don’t hate me because I’m _____

The blank fills in with words such as non-binary and trans.

Recently, Google celebrated 50 years of LGBTQ+ history.

CPG giant Procter & Gamble has also launched a
a separate
new video that documents the history of the struggles of
LGBTQ employees at their Cincinnati plant in the early 1990s.

The video titled Out of the Shadows
is produced by agency Great Big Story.

Inclusive ads and campaigns are a great way
for brands to become part of the social movements.

The “We Believe: The Best Men Can Becampaign for Gillette,
for example, gathered over 30 million likes on YouTube.

S.H.E. – Search. Human. Equalizer

P&G also recently launched the S.H.E browser extension
to filter and reposition results more accurately.

It’s sad to know that only 10% of search results
for “CEO” depict women when 28% of them hold the title.

For any common job, women appear lower in results than men.

Here are the results from the Pew Research Center’s study.

Image results for common job searches
overrepresent men and underrepresent women.

The study used over 150 image searches and found that
60% of the results comprised of men.

Of the 57% of those jobs,
women were underrepresented in search results.

Moreover, the underrepresentation of
women was prominent in a few jobs.

You can download the S.H.E. chrome extension here.

What do you think of the
Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BeautifuLGBTQ ad from Pantene?