Diet Coke Label Free Cans Challenge Stereotypes!

Diet Coke label free cans are an awesome initiative to challenge stereotypes.

As per Coke, the label-free cans advertising aims at
questioning stereotypes around class, race, gender and more.


To create a safe and open space for consumers.

The coke cans won’t have any identifying logos.

All you can see is a red stripe running north to south over the can.

Is Coke’s advertising a national campaign?


It is part of the Pride celebrations this month.

As per MediaPost,
the campaign will give Coke insights for future advertising.


Here are some of the powerful quotes from the unlabeled campaign:

Your labels did not break me; they empowered me.

When someone labels me, I use it as an opportunity.

Some labels are chains, some labels are wings.

Society mislabels my heritage. I proudly celebrate my culture.

I am more than your label.

Check out this video of a beautiful activist
and talented trans artist of color.

Inclusive Advertising: Diet Coke Label Free

Recently, Pantene released the
don’t hate me because I’m beautifulgbtq campaign.

And Google celebrated 50 years of LGBTQ history.

Diet Coke is the latest brand to add
more inclusivity to their marketing efforts.

But this is not their debut run.

In 2015, the Company sold logo-free cans
around Ramadan in the Middle East to fight prejudice.

Their tagline read– Labels are for cans, not people.

Coke’s new initiative captures the same feeling, albeit, in a different way.

Some of their messages read:

We live in a world full of labels.
We’re removing our own labels to start a conversation about labels.
By removing our labels, we’re pledging to create more space.

With the growth in gender and diversity-based advertising,
marketers are focusing more on social issues to target
Gen Z and Gen Y (millennials).

What do you think about the Diet Coke label free cans?

Would you buy them?