Nike Air Max 1 USA Recall: Betsy Ross Flag!

The Nike Air Max 1 USA was to go on sale
on Independence Day-July, the 4th.

Well, that’s not going to be the case anymore.

Thanks to Colin Kaepernick’s angst over the Betsy Ross flag design,
Nike has nixed the campaign as per

Interestingly, the resale website StockX was selling
the sneakers for $2,500 a pair.

Nike Air Max 1 USA StockX

The recently launched Colin Kaepernick Nike Dream Crazy commercial
generated massive buzz for the brand.

Marketers loved this campaign since it
catered to
Gen Z and the millennials (Gen Y).

The ex-footballer did not quite like the fact that the
Air Max 1 had used
Betsy Ross flag design, symbolic of the American Revolution.

The flag had 13 stars arranged in a circle to represent
the unity of the 13 Colonies.

The athlete found the design offensive.

Nike Air Max 1 USA Recall

Nike did not waste time announcing the recall.

The Company said that they
regularly make business decisions to
withdraw initiatives, products and services.

The repercussions might not be good for the shoe brand.

Nike faces two issues here.

One, the recall itself.

And second, that it made the decision upon Kaepernick’s behest,
who has already been amidst controversy.

Public figures have already started
expressing their anger over the issue.

We will leave the political aspect of that.

But we thought you might want to see this tweet:

Purposeful Marketing

Modern consumers, especially the younger generation,
can quickly tell whether a brand is genuine in its approach or not.

Brands preying on the social awareness of consumers might have a
tough time building an audience, especially on social media.

Woke-washing has to end.

What we find weird is why did Nike approve a shoe design with a flag
that featured 13 white stars in a circle on the heels?

Turning on to you…

What do you feel about the Nike Air Max 1 USA recall?