Amazon Kiosks Arrive in London: OmniChannel Ecommerce Marketing!

After Treasure Trucks,
it’s time for Amazon physical kiosks in UK train stations.

The commerce giant is setting up physical kiosks
in train stations to sell merchandise at a discounted price.

The first run will start with train stations in London.

Ever heard of the Amazon Treasure Truck?

It’s a new way to shop with Amazon.

When you sign up for this service,
Amazon will send you a test when a truck in on way.

You can buy the product on Amazon,
and choose a location to collect the item from the truck.

Amazon kiosks are an extension of the same concept.

Why Amazon kiosks?

Several places in Europe have narrow streets.

And it makes it difficult for giant vehicles to pass through.

Having small kiosks in such places would make more sense.

And by having kiosks at rail stations,
Amazon will be able to cater to a large number of commuters.

This will also save commuters from carrying items around all day.

Suruchi Saxena Bansal, Country Leader,
Amazon Treasure Truck,
talks about Amazon kiosks:

Whether you’re on the way to work or heading home for the day, Amazon customers and passersby will have a fun and convenient way to shop for an amazing deal, get their hands on a trending product or take part in a fun event. Kiosks will help turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special.”

At OmniDigit, we focus on omnichannel…

Seamless customer experience across all channels.

Amazon is focusing on omnichannel to cater to a wider variety of audiences and reach out to them through every channel possible.

Seems yet another ecommerce growth hack!

What do you feel about Amazon kiosks?

Would you shop at one,
given Amazon is offering discounts at the kiosks?