Landing Page Optimization Best Practices 2018: Bumpy Landing Sucks!

by Shashank S
landing page optimization best practices 2018 omnidigit

Paid Advertising sucks…
It would not work…
You are wasting marketing dollars on PPC and social media ads…..

Did I just say that?
Before you deem me insane, hear me out.

The aforementioned statements (in bold) hold true IF
your landing pages suck; especially when your aim is lead generation.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices 2018: This Guide STINKS!

by Shashank S
conversion rate optimization best practices omnidigit

Does this guide about
conversion rate optimization best practices really stink?

Come on, I can tease a little.
Cheer up!

I wanted to use the title the definitive guide to conversion optimization.

But knowing the vast nature of this subject, I felt I would not be doing justice.

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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing: Rise of the Machines!

by Shashank S

Humans marrying robots?

AI researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands believes that by 2050,
human and robot marriages will be made legal.

Well, I’m not into that!
(I prefer women in flesh and bones over robots).

The logic behind this strong claim is that we tend to fall in love because of similarities in personality, knowledge, and reciprocity.

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