Google Ads Update: Simplifying Portfolio Bid Strategies!

The latest Google Ads update will make it easier for you
to use portfolio bid strategies.

Also, you will be able to optimize bids across multiple campaigns.

As you know, portfolio bid strategies are automated,
goal-driven strategies designed to help optimize
bids across multiple campaigns.

No More Enhanced CPC

Google is removing the feature to create
Enhanced CPC portfolio strategies.

Now, you will be able to enable Enhanced CPC directly
for individual campaigns, instead.

Towards the end of this year, Enhanced CPC portfolios
will give way to individual Enhanced CPC campaigns.

Goodbye Target Spend Setting

Several Google Ads users found it confusing
to use the
target spend setting.

I am sure you would agree that the average daily budgets
is more straightforward.

Google Ads will no longer have the target spend setting for
new Maximize clicks portfolios. 

So, if you want to assess the spend for campaigns,
Average daily budgets is the way to go.

Google recently also deprecated the Target Search Page Location
and Target Outranking Share bid strategies.

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Here is the Google Ads Update (summary):

Portfolio ECPC ->ECPC at the campaign level

Target spend setting for Max Clicks -> Campaign Daily Budgets

Target Search Page Location/Target Outranking Share ->Target Impression Share bidding strategy