Welcome to S.U.N. FARM

What does S.U.N stand for?  U NOT Farm!

S.U.N. Farm is located in Marketing Village in Commerce City USA.

S.U.N. may not sound like a serious type of farm name, but they got the clout to back everything they say. Fed up with making money for corporate America, Lee D. and Connie, along with Digi decided to start their own farm and live a simple life doing what they do best… Growth Farming.

Knowing they get awesome yields on S.U.N farm, people would ask for help on their own acreage. And so as more people asked, Lee D. and Connie thought why not share their experience and help grow other farms across America and beyond.

Using the tools, techniques, and growth strategies, the trio of growth farmers can help make you better green thumbs through a sustainable and scalable Digital Marketing Strategy, encompassing Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SSM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Lee D. Jenraytor

Lee D. Jenraytor is a grassroots type of guy with an entrepreneurial mindset. Very smart. Very analytical. Very Lee.

Lee is the numbers guy – how many seeds does it take to get a yield he desires; what type of seeds works best, and so on..

He believes in using growth hacking methods to grow a business, unlike the siloed approach of traditional marketing.

If Lee isn’t on the farm, you’ll find him at the gym or hiding in the barn playing his guitar. His favorite band – K.I.S.S. Why… Gene Simmons markets the living **** out of a band that hasn’t put out a good album in years (if ever). Nuff said. #Guns&Roses4Life

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Connie Verzon

Connie Verzon brings creativity to the digital marketing and farming community. She and her partner, Lee D. Jenraytor, work tirelessly on growing their business in an organic and sustainable way. They want to share their sales and marketing genius with fellow growth-preneurs. She’s a little rough around the edges, swears like a sailor, but is a sweetheart of a soul that loves to laugh, cook, and dance the day away. When she is not at the farm, Connie is usually twirling around a dance floor at her favorite Ballroom Dancing School.

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Digi the Dog @ OmniDigit Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Consulting Agency

Digi is a rescue mutt. He’s a little this a little of that and not too thin and not too fat. Digi helps work on the farm by doing what he does best – digging holes and rounding the workers up. You may not think a dog can do much on the farm, but Digi keeps moving… there is no day off for him.

He has a schedule and he sticks to it! And that’s the way marketing is- you have to keep moving and growing. Once in a while you may catch him snoozing in the fields, but once the smell of Connie’s cooking swirls in the air, he is up and at the table in a flash.

Just like his idol Lassie, Digi alerts Lee D. and Connie when there’s issues in the fields. Whether it’s loopholes, varmin, or a stranger pillaging the harvest, Digi is a good boy.

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