Google Instant Camera Translation: New  Upgrades!

Google Translate has helped me explore distant territories with ease.

I am sure you would relate.

Communicating in different languages, after all, is not always easy.

Thanks to the new upgrades on the Google instant camera translation,
making new connections is easier.

With the Google Translate mobile app,
you can enjoy instant camera translation.

Just point your smartphone camera at the foreign text,
and Google will do the rest for you.

This resembles the real-time translation feature in Google Lens.

The feature comes handy especially when you are traveling abroad.

Yes, it works without Wi-Fi and cellular data.

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So what are the new features?

Google Instant Camera Translation: New Features

100+ Languages Supported

Yesterday, Google added support for 60 more languages.

These include Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

You can check out the full list of all 88 supported languages here.

Earlier, Google would allow translation only
between English and other languages.

Well, that;’s not the case any longer.

Now you can translate into any of the 100+ languages
supported on Google Translate.

Japanese to Chinese, Thai to French….

Language Auto Detect

What if you do not know the language of the text
you need to translate in a foreign land?

Google to your rescue…

The new version of the app has a “Detect Language” feature.

Google instant camera translation will automatically
detect the language and translate for you.

This could be especially beneficial in countries
having more than one language.

Neural Machine Translation for Accuracy

The Google Translate mobile app now boasts of
Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology.

The result is more accurate and natural translations.

Google says that this could reduce errors by
up to 85% in certain language pairs.

You can download most of the supported languages
on your phone without an Internet connection.

The quality of translations is better, however,
when you are connected to the Internet.

New UI

You would experience a new look and a more
intuitive experience with the translate app on your smartphone.

Enjoy reduced flickering on the upgraded app.

In other words, you will experience
more stable and easy-to-understand text.

You will also see three new features located on the bottom of the app:

Instant: Point your camera to the foreign text,
and Google does the work for you.

Scan: Take a photo and use your finger to highlight
the text you want to be translated.

Import: Translate text from photos from your camera roll.