Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection Browser: Goodbye Ad Machines!

Mozilla launched its revamped
Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection Browser today.

The Company claims that
the new version aims at keeping advertisers
from following you over the Internet.

This will also prevent Facebook from tracking you.

And that’s not all.

Mozilla has also launched a desktop version of its password manager.
Aka, Firefox Lockwise.

Using this extension,
you can manage your saved list of passwords.

And access your passwords anywhere.

Firefox SVP Dave Camp acknowledged on the Mozilla blog that
people have been feeling increasingly vulnerable after some of the recent privacy-related global scandals.

He goes on to say:

We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people’s privacy first.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

If you are a new user,
the Enhanced Tracking Protection will automatically be set on by default in your Firefox browser.

It will block known “third-party tracking cookies”.

You will see the shield icon in the address bar next to the URL address.

This suggests that the tracking protection is guarding you.

Click the shield icon and
navigate to the Content Blocking->Cookies.

Here, you will see a list of
companies being blocked by Firefox.

You can also turn off blocking for a specific site.

If you are an existing Firefox user,

Enhanced Tracking Protection will
arrive by default in the next few months.

And if you are impatient, you can even turn on this feature.

Menu->Content Blocking->privacy preferences.

Click on the Custom gear on the right side.
Mark the Cookies checkbox.

Also, ensure that “Third-party trackers” is checked.

Facebook Container Blocks

Mozilla also rolled out the
updated Facebook container extension today.

You can use the container to put
Facebook share and like buttons and disable them by default.


Facebook will not be able to track you on sites that have

embedded Facebook capabilities such as the Share and Like buttons.

Hence, the social network will have a hard time
building shadow profiles of non-Facebook users

Manage Multiple Email Addresses

You might have used the Lockbox passwords manager on your mobile.

Say hello to the same password manager on your desktop.

Mozilla is also rolling out a new dashboard for Firefox Monitor.

You can use this tool to check if
an email address is part of a data breach.

All cool features, right?

Mozilla did make a small typo on its YouTube page:

Fireox, instead of Firefox!

But, we won’t nitpick on that.

What do you feel about the new Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection Browser?

Leave your comments below.