Google Maps Transit Updates: Hop On!

With the latest Google Maps transit updates, you can
take the public transit and enjoy the ride.

After all, public transportation is cheaper and efficient.

Isn’t it?

However, delays or overcrowded vehicles can turn the
joyful, hands-free ride into a stressful affair.

Google Maps is here to help.

With two new features rolling out today,
your transit ride is going to be comfortable.

Recently Google Maps also added the speedometer feature.

Live traffic delays for buses

Transit schedules are a great way to plan your commute.

Sadly, they are not always accurate.

This is because they do not always consider real-time traffic conditions.

Don’t you wish the public transit had
a Waze or Google Maps-like feature?

Starting today, you will be able to use Maps
to access live traffic delays for buses.

This is a great feature since you will be able to see
if your bus is on time, or how long will it take for the bus to arrive.

In addition, you will see exactly where the delays are on the Maps.

Crowdedness Predictions

The transit crowdedness predictions will allow you to see
how crowded your bus, train or subway is likely to be based on past rides.

Both these features will be available on Google Maps
in around 200 cities across the world.

Yes, on Android and iOS both.

Check out these Google Maps transit updates!