The All New Twitter: Refreshed and Updated!

Say hello to the all new twitter.

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out a refreshed and
updated version of the website.

The new website is faster and more personalized.

You will find it easier to navigate than its predecessor.

What we found useful is that the updated look is consistent
with Twitter on different devices- mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Last month, the platform also updated its rules.

Check out the video snippet below:

Here are the cool things that the refreshed
social network has to offer:


Twitter has brought over Explore so you can
have more of “what’s happening”.

That means more personalized live video and local moments.

You will also see your Top Trends in any view.

The social network is making sure you don’t miss out on
anything no matter which device you use.

Easy Access

You will find bookmarks, lists, and your profile right
up front and also on the side navigation. 

This will make it easier (and faster) to jump between different tabs.

Direct Messages

Twitter has expanded Direct Messages so you can
access and send messages from the same view.

Say goodbye to switching between screens to send a message.

Easy Login/Logout

You can now switch between accounts faster.

The side navigation has been revamped to make this easier.


Welcome the new themes and color options
on the refreshed Twitter. 

The platform also gets two options for dark mode.

These features will help you personalize it.

Have you noticed these changes on your account?

Leave your comments below about your experience
on the revamped Twitter.