Facebook Watch: Where does it stand now?

Facebook Watch exploits the premise that videos create engagement.

And the interactions through videos are less passive.

You can comment, share, react, message, watch and
cast your vote (poll) to connect deeply with people.

Facebook launched Watch last year.

Today, more than 720 million use it monthly.

And over 140 million users spend at least a minute in Watch.

Is Facebook Watch just about finding videos?


You can connect with people who share a similar taste in videos.

Think of it as an ecosystem or community of users
who have a similar passion for a subject or topic.

Facebook recently made it easier for you to
find groups based on your video activity in Watch.

Let’s say you are watching “Why we’re not doomed”
on PBS NewsHour in Watch.

You will see the official group alongside the video.

This way, you can participate in
the discussion and talk to other users.

Recent Facebook Developments

Facebook launches Study App

Facebook rolls out Avatars

They are also testing new sections in Watch.

One of these is a section dedicated to
co-watching experiences like Watch Party,
Premieres, and Live videos.

Facebook understands that people like
watching videos together with friends.

The engagement rate (chances of commenting) is
8x more for group viewing vs watching a video on their own.

Facebook wants to blend its wide range of
social media feature with interest-based content.

It wants to offer a personalized experience for everyone.

What about Ads?

Facebook ad breaks are available in more than 40 nations.

Today, the ad break will roll out in Canada.

Facebook will also add support for five more
languages-Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Swedish and Telugu.

Longer videos that meet the three-minute
ad break guidelines monetize better.

Facebook is also partnering with publishers
and creators around the world to expand its content.

What’s your experience with Facebook Watch?