Facebook Avatars Have Arrived: Bitmoji Watch Out!

Have you been wanting to customize a virtual look alike of yourself?

With Bitmoji, and a few other applications, it’s a child’s play.

But for those craving that feature on social media, here is the good news.

Facebook Avatars have started to roll out.

The social media giant has launched Avatars in Australia.

One can use these in Messenger and News Feed comments.

A global launch is expected late this year, or early 2020.

It seems like Facebook is working hard to improve its features.

Recently, it also rolled out its video algorithm update.

Why Avatars?

We feel it’s an attempt by Facebook to revive its image.

And make it more youthful and trendy.

Facebook Avatars communication manager Jimmy Raimo talks about Avatars-

They’re a bit more realistic so they can be your personal avatar vs trying to make them cute, funny, and cartoony

Working with Avatars On Facebook

Facebook users will see a button (with a smiley face) in their News Feed comment composer and Messenger sticker chooser.

What do you think about avatars on Facebook?