Facebook 2019 Revenue: Mobile Ads Drive Growth!

$16.9 billion!

Yup, that’s Facebook’s 2019 revenue in the second quarter this year.

And that’s a 28% growth by the way.

Surprisingly, Facebook had to deal with multiple issues-
from negative headlines to a massive penalty.

Yet, it managed to up its revenue.

What could have caused this?

94% of the total ad revenue for Facebook came from mobile ads.

That’s $15.6 billion.

The same was $13.9 billion in 2019 Q1.

Mobile-first video seems to be driving
massive revenue for Facebook.

In fact, 50% of video revenue for the company
was attributed to mobile-first video ads.

Facebook’s numbers demonstrate the importance of mobile ads.

The overall digital ad market is expected to hit
$129.3 billion in the United States.

And as per eMarketer, $87.1 billion of that will go to mobile platforms.

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Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger together
accounted for 3 million advertisers in Q2 2019.

In May this year, we saw Facebook launch the Automated Ads service.

Using this feature, advertisers could create a customized
marketing plan with up to six creative options.

Facebook also rolled out video editing tools to help
SMBs (small and medium businesses) create videos from their images.

Sheryl Sandberg believes that the best mobile-first ad or a
FB ad gets to the main point/product in the first three seconds.