Out Of Home Advertising Resurgence: Bumble Dating!

Familiar with the out of home advertising concept?

Don’t worry.

It’s just a fancy term for outdoor advertising.

Media and its unique ways of creating buzzwords.


OOH (Out-of-home) advertising targets people who are
“on the go” in public places.

Examples include billboards, street, roads,
highways, and transit.

Bumble, yeah the dating app, is leading the out of home
advertising movement with its unique, creative approach.

Is that a sign to re-focus on traditionally static media,
and not just be part of the mobile rat-race?

Digital platforms have become “the” go-to place
for advertising today.

However, digital disruptors are finding success
in out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

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Guess who is setting a new trend in the OOH field?

The dating app Bumble.

With its outdoor advertising in NYC,
Bumble gathered over 5 million media impressions.

It reached 5.5 million people on Twitter.

The paid placements covered subway stations,
storefronts, buses, and newspaper wraps.

Bumble’s Out Of Home Advertising

Their “The Most Inspiring New Yorkers” campaign was a massive hit.

With 500 location-based, hyper-targeted ads, the social dating app
was able to bring personalization to out of home advertising.

Bumble did not leave it there.

They used their Instagram to support their OOH ads.

With over 55 million global users,
Bumble is going in the right direction.

However, there has been a stagnancy in user growth
among all dating apps recently.

It, therefore, makes sense to have an aggressive
marketing strategy to ignite loyalty and grow the user-base.


Not another buzz word!

Bumble placed 112 real users across NYC for their OOH advertising.

They even had a dedicated Instagram
account @FindThemOnBumble to highlight these 112 users.

The massive “shareable” aspect of Out-of-home led them to
use the term IRL, aka, in real life.

Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue grew 4.5% last year (YoY).

What do you think of out of home advertising?

Or do you prefer digital?