Babymigo: technology for Africa’s new parents

Rural areas of Nigeria don’t have enough doctors.

The result?

High infant mortality rates.

This growing issue led entrepreneur Adeloye Olanrewaju
to launch Babymigo.

The online community connects expecting and new mothers
to resources, doctors, experts, and other services.

With over 7 million babies born each year in Nigeria,
the country still has the third-highest infant mortality rate in the world. 

That’s not all.

Around 60,000 mothers die due to complications arising from childbirth. 

Babymigo is the first and only platform that offers parents access to
informed health decisions via SMS, an app and a web portal. 

The initiative has already served over 100,000 users.

Olanrewaju aims to hit the 1 million mark by next year.

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Babymigo was also part of Google Developers
Launchpad Accelerator in Nigeria.