CVS Drones Courtesy UPS

It looks likes drones are indeed the future of retail.

In a recent development, CVS Pharmacy, AmerisourceBergen and
Kaiser Permanente have signed a partnership with UPS Flight Forward.


Fewer delays, better efficiency, and lower costs.

UPS and Alphabet’s Wing Aviation are the two US companies to
receive the Standard Part 135 certification from
the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Surprisingly, Amazon has not yet received the certification.

The certification grants the right to fly drones for
commercial operations beyond the operator’s line of sight.

Speed is Key

When it comes to logistics, speed is often a recipe for success.

Amazon claims that once it gets the certification,
it can deliver packages in just 30 minutes.

UPS has been testing drones to deliver blood samples at
the WakeMed campus in North Carolina.

Guess, soon we will have CVS drones
delivering pharmaceuticals and medical supplies!