Google Maps Realtime Bikesharing Available In 24 Cities!

Do you love bike-sharing?

You’d surely love this then.

Google Maps realtime bikesharing information will hit 24 cities.

The feature, that was limited to New York City,
will now be
available to 24 cities in 16 countries.

These cities include Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest,
Chicago, Dublin, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, London, Los Angeles, Lyon,
Madrid, Mexico City, Montreal, New Taipei City, New York City, Rio de Janeiro,
San Francisco Bay Area, São Paulo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.

Globally, there are 1,600 bike-share systems and
more than 18 million shared-bikes.

After all, who doesn’t like an affordable and hassle-free way
to move around in traffic-heavy areas?

With Google Maps, you will be able to locate bike share stations.

Moreover, you would even know how many bikes are available near you. 

And lastly, you can even find out if there’s an empty space at a
station near your destination for you to leave your bike.

Would you use bike sharing in your city?