YouTube In this Video Bookmark Feature: Google Pilot Testing!

Google is reportedly playing with
In this Video bookmark feature.

The timestamps feature will be seen in the
search results for certain types of YouTube videos.

How does it help the user?

Using timestamps, you can watch specific parts of the video.

Yes, no more dealing with boring content.

This video bookmarking feature was first reported by Android Police.

They say it appears in the Google app when searching for instructional how-to videos.

As per Android Police, the YouTube In this Video Bookmark Feature shows up below certain videos when you search using the Google app.

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Here is an image:

Before and after/without and with the new “in this video” bookmarks: Android Police

Under the timeline, you might see a list
of the timestamps and their descriptions.

And you can jump to the timestamp
by tapping one of the thumbnails.

Seems the feature is in beta.