Google Maps Fake Listings: 11 Million and Counting!

Last year, Google removed over
three million fake business listings from Maps.

According to the WSJ,
Google Maps fake listings could run over 11 million.

Google, however, says that 0.5 percent
of local business listings are potentially fake.

The WSJ study found that 13 of
the top 20 Google search results for plumbers in NYC were fake.

Yes, the addresses were false too.

In a release today, Google said that
they took off 3 million fake business profiles.

Interestingly, Google rolled out
new features to My Business yesterday.

What’s the purpose of creating fake listings?

Let’s say there’s a plumber shop called Plumbero.

They can create false listings with branches all over the city.

As a result, they would start receiving several calls.

This way they dominate the listings
and weed out the competition.

Have you come across
Google Maps fake listing when searching online?