Nike’s Sport Changes Everything: Three Stories!

Nike has launched three videos in the series Sport Changes Everything.

These videos highlight Chantel Navarro, Justin Gallegos,
Maynor De Leon.

The tweet from Nike reads:

Sport has the power to change your life.

Sport has the power to change the world.


Check out the video featuring Navarro, below:

Chantel Navarro

The 15-year old boxer has been giving it all to make it to the Olympics.

She trains with her father,
former professional boxer Ignacio Navarro.

Nike’s video covers her focus and discipline.

Justin Gallegos

Last year, runner Justin Gallegos became the first
professional athlete with cerebral palsy to sign a contract with Nike.

Maynor De Leon

This 700-lbs big guy decided to change his life.

And he did.

Want to know his twitter handle?


Nike has been rolling out
one video after another in the last few weeks.

From the Colin Kaepernick ad to the Air 1 USA recall,
Nike has been in news.

Recently, Nike also celebrated the US women’s soccer win
with a black and white