Top 3 Media Brands: Disney, YouTube, NetFlix!

Media brands play an important part in our lives.

How about we talk about the top 3 media brands in the world?

Disney, as expected, maintains its position
as the most valuable media brand.

YouTube took second place,
with a brand valuation of $37.9 billion.

Netflix follows the top two at a $45.8 billion valuation.

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance, believes that
digital streaming platforms will have to continue
building relationships with consumers to stay ahead of the game.

Moreover, they need to adapt to the needs of the modern consumer
to offer on-demand and advertising-free content. 

What’s the Brand Valuation Methodology?

The steps include

  • calculating brand strength
  • determining royalty range for each industry
  • calculating the royalty rate
  • determining brand-specific revenues
  • determining forecast revenues
  • applying the royalty rate to forecast revenues
  • calculating the net present brand value

Disney, YouTube, NetFlix

Disney demonstrated a 40% growth in brand value to $45.8 billion. 

Last year, Disney acquired Star India- the second-largest
subscription TV market in Asia.

Disney already owns a 60% stake in Hulu.

This year, Disney spent a massive $71 billion to acquire 21st Century Fox.

The Media giant also holds the rights to Deadpool and
the Fox-owned Marvel characters.

These acquisitions had put Disney in a powerful spot.

Disney also owns ESPN.

Pricing seems to be a key driver.

With a $7/month Disney+ subscription fee,
the Company is planning to stay ahead of HBO Now and Netflix.

YouTube’s brand value has grown by 46% from 2018.

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Moreover, Netflix demonstrated a record
105% growth from last year.

Want to know the fastest growing media brand?


The Chinese version of Netflix hosts
over 500 million monthly active users

Last year, the company went public in the U.S.

And they raised $2.25 billion.

Which one of these top 3 media brands do you love the most?