P&G The Look: Let’s Tackle Racial Bias!

Several American men encounter biases.

P&G released a film titled “The Look”, to shift
perceptions on racial bias and injustice.

Let’s take a dive into the film.

The video is divided into seven chapters.

The Look begins with chapter 1, aka, the unconscious bias….

A  black man in bed, opening his eyes in the morning.

The second chapter is titled education.

While walking with his son, he experiences an uncomfortable
look from a white woman driving a car with her daughter.

She even closes the windows upon looking at the man.

While he approaches an elevator,
the people inside give him the look.

And close the elevator door.

He misses the elevator.

That’s chapter four- shut out.

He feels discomfort at the diner (chapter 3)
and the swimming pool (chapter 5).

And when he goes shopping at a men’s store (chapter 6- shopping),
he gets the same “unwelcoming” look.

The film then moves to the next scene where
a policeman opens the courtroom door,
with someone saying “All rise.”

That’s the final chapter, titled “Justice?”.

The camera moves across the room
showing the audience and lawyers.

And finally, it shows the same black man as the judge.

The video ends with the words:

Let’s talk about the look so we can see beyond it.

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The Look debuted last week at the
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

It was also broadcast at BET Networks’ inaugural social impact
conference, META Convened by BET Networks, in Los Angeles.

The short film is P&G’s efforts to revive the
2017 narrative “The Talk”, which focused on how black mothers
prepare their kids for a racially biased world. 

P&G’s chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard, says that
The Look is an example of a world with no ads.

The video, as you can see, does not try to sell a product.

Rather, it tries to spark a conversation surrounding
a sociopolitical topic. 

P&G has removed the video from YouTube.

You can watch the full video of P&G The Look here.