Social Calendar App IRL: Calendar Influencers Are Here!

Do you want to follow social butterflies and party animals?

The social calendar app IRL can help.

The app is launching today on iOS.

Most of us think of the calendar as an old-school tool.


After all, teenagers don’t use Google Calendar often.

IRL is trying to change that.

Using the Explore tab of event recommendations, and the option to follow curators, headliners, and venues, IRL is all set to make the youth love the calendar.

CEO Abe Shafi wonders why we have follow updates on Twitter and follow music on Soundcloud…

But no “follow my events”.

IRL has already closed an $8 million Series A funding round.

With $11 million cash ($3 million from previous rounds),
IRL has roped in Warner Bros president Greg Silverman,
Lionsgate films president Joe Drake,
and Classpass CEO Fritz Lanman to attract calendar influencers.

IRL has over 1.3 million monthly active users.

Texas seems to be a big market for the brand.

Unlike others, Shafi wants to focus on
the central states, not Silicon Valley.

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How does the social calendar app IRL work?

You can log in with your phone number or Google.

If you have Google Calendar, you will able to two-way sync it
and manage your schedule and create mini-events.

You can even group chat.

He calendar and app activity are private.