Cheetos Chester Cheetah is the New Colonel Sanders @KFC!

Your favorite Cheetos Chester Cheetah will be seen as
the new Colonel Sanders.

KFC has partnered with Frito-Lay for their new Cheetos Sandwich.

The product will be available nationwide on July 1.

Chester Cheetah is the first bran icon to play
the iconic KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

Wearing a suit, Chester Cheetah
will be seen on social media and TV ads.

Cheetos Sandwich?

Think of it as a tweaked KFC Crispy Colonel sandwich.

However, more KGC menu items will have the Cheetos feel.

Last week, NYC consumers got to taste the new
sandwich as part of an in-person activation at an NYC KFC.

Frito-Lay + Yum! Brands

This is the first time KFC has let another
brand mascot take over Colonel Sanders.

The limited-time promotional co-branded approach
aims at engaging fans of both brands.

Engaging the Millennials (Gen Y)

Marketing to Millennials and to the Gen Z has
always been a favorite of CPG brands.

Gen Y loves experiential activations.

Cheetos is playing by its tested rules.

The campaign could enhance KFC’s social media appeal by giving
the audience a glance at their new Cheetos sandwich.

Cheetos has an 82% market share in the “cheese snacks” domain.

Earlier, KFC had partnered with Mtn Dew for an exclusive soda flavor.

Here’s a really old KFC commercial for you:

The iconic white suit, black tie, and signature facial hair
of Colonel Sanders and KFC are inseparable.

After founder Harland Sanders died in 1980,
KFC has brought in several actors to play Sanders.

Let us know if you liked the Cheetos Chester Cheetah as Colonel Sanders…

And the Cheetos sandwich!