Google Deprecates Social Profile Markup Knowledge Panels!

Social media markup for knowledge panels is now deprecated.

Google made this announcement today.

That means Google will automatically discover profiles to include.

If you have claimed Knowledge Panels,
you can suggest the profiles that are not to be included.

Yesterday, Google added two new tools to the Search Console as well.

How to suggest a change?

Visit Google Search and sign in with
the Google Account associated with the entity.

Ensure that you have turned on the Web and app activity.

Try finding your entity on Google and locate its knowledge panel.

Your entity name should display on the top of the panel.

Click on the Suggest an edit option.

If you don’t see this option, it could mean that
Google does not recognize your account as a
verified representative of the entity. 

In that case, you will have to get verified first.

Let’s proceed given you see that option.

Upon clicking the Suggest an edit option,
you will be able to check the information you want to change.

You will have to individually submit feedback for each item.

Once you see the response box, type in the following information:

Your suggested change

Why your suggestion is correct and a
good replacement for your existing content.

The public URL that confirms your suggested change.

Hit SEND, and you are all set.

Let us know if you encounter an issue doing these.