Data Analytics Simplified: IronMan 3D Touchscreen!

Data analytics is a key part of business processes today.

In digital marketing, we are obsessed with analytics.

However, not everyone enjoys going through the
steep learning curve of learning data analytics tools and platforms.

What if we could get copy Tony Stark’s
3-D  holographic computer to handle real-world issues using a touchscreen?

Sounds futuristic?

Say hello to the interactive touchscreen data analytics
system developed by researchers from MIT and Brown University.

And yes, you do not need to be a billionaire (like Tony Stark)
or a tech whiz to use the system.

Northstar Data Analytics

Researchers have been working on developing
Northstar– a cloud-based, interactive data-science system.

The interface supports touchscreen devices
such as smartphones and large interactive whiteboards. 

You can feed datasets into the system, and use
your fingers or a digital pen to analyze data.

Researchers are now talking about the VDS (virtual data scientist)
that generates machine-learning models to run
prediction tasks on their datasets.

Data analytics omnidigit
Source: MIT News

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What are the applications?

Physicians can use VDS to predict
which patients are more likely to develop a disease.

Businesses can use the system to forecast sales.

With this interactive whiteboard,
real-time collaboration becomes a cakewalk.

The system will allow both data scientists and
regular users to collaborate and work on analytics together.

That might hurt the go of data scientists.

Isn’t it?

VDS uses automated machine-learning (AutoML).

Yes, that’s an AI technique.

Artificial Intelligence’s impact on Digital Marketing
will be huge in times to come.

Personalized Predictive Analytics

The best thing about VDS is that it will allow users
to run predictive analytics tailored to their tasks.

Researchers claim that VDS is the fastest interactive AutoML tool ever.

The custom estimation engine automatically creates
and renders numerous dataset samples within seconds.

VDS has been proven to be more accurate than other AutoML systems.

Researchers are now trying to add a feature that
would alert the user to potential data bias or error.

Ready to use the touchscreen, drag-and-drop data analytics tool?