3 Most engaging TV Ads This Week: Idiot Box!

Want to know most engaging TV ads this week?

Yes, these ads had the users glued to their chairs.

Let’s dive in.

GEICO Homeowners Insurance TV Spot, ‘Overflowing Office’

The ad shows a man observing his nervous colleague Steve.

Steve is worried about purchasing a new home.

And he finds his office overflowing with stress balls.

The man suggests that Steve checks out
GEICO homeowners insurance.

Steve takes a dive into the rubber ball pit and comes out stress-free.

And he hugs the co-worker.

This ad generated over 6.6 million online views
and over 13,000 social actions.

Guess what’s the spend on this ad?

Over $3 million!

Apple AirPods TV Commercial, ‘Bounce’ Song by Tessellated

Black-and-white is in fashion!

After Nike’s latest ad to celebrate the US soccer team win,
Apple is the latest to use the black-and-white cinematography.

The ad shows a man putting on a happy face
after putting on a pair of Apple AirPods.

His boring world turns into fun when Siri plays
“I Learnt Some Jazz Today” by Tessellated.

With a $4.5 million spend, this ad generated over
3.6 million online views and over 26,000 social actions.

YouTube has more than 23 million views for this commercial.

Apple iPhone TV Commercial, ‘Nap’ Song by Latroit

Yes, Apple is again on the top 3 most engaging
TV ads-list this week.

We loved this ad for its simplicity.

The ad begins with an old man and his dog
snoozing by the water.

His nap is interrupted by his iPhone notifications.

He slowly adjusts his seat up and looks at his iPhone’s screen.

The phone unlocks with his face.

No more disturbing notifications for the old man.

And yes, for the four-legged friend too!

Back to a nap!

Which one of these engaging TV ads do you like the most?

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