How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing: Rise 0f the Machines!

Humans marrying robots?

AI researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands believes that by 2050, human and robot marriages will be made legal. artificial intelligence affects digital marketing

Well, I’m not into that! (I prefer women in flesh and bones over robots).

The logic behind this strong claim is that we tend to fall in love because of similarities in personality, knowledge,
and reciprocity.

And interestingly, those traits are programmable.

There goes my article on Online Dating Growth Hacks down the drain!

It seems that soon human dating (using that term since now dating could also mean human-robot affairs) would be a thing of the past.

In fact, 27% of millennials are open to dating a robot.

artificial intelligence in dating
Did you now that the SGI Altix supercomputer called Nautilus
was able to predict the hideout of Osama bin Laden and the as well as the 2010 Arab Spring?

The potential of AI is so powerful that MIT physicist Max Tegmark compares it to nuclear weapons.

Could this lead to an AI apocalypse?

Only this time it won’t be Arnold rehearsing the line
in the next Terminator series!

From self-driving cars to speech recognition,
artificial intelligence is expanding its tentacles across most spheres of life.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay,
and will most likely grow into enormous proportions.

Before we talk about how artificial intelligence affects digital marketing, let’s understand…

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI involves inventing “intelligent” machines that can emulate the human mind or behavior.

In 1950, English Mathematician Alan M. Turing
proposed the Turing Test to assess the
intelligence of computers via cognitive reasoning.

He helped saved thousands of lives by building a programmable computing machine, called the Bombe,
which decrypted the Nazi’s Enigma code.

Artificial Intelligence- Applications

Here is a comprehensive overview of the applications of AI across different industries:

artificial intelligence applications in business and digital marketing

AI in Digital Marketing 2019

Digital marketing is pretty fluid in the sense that
it changes at a rapid pace.

What’s the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing?
Let’s find out.

The need for AI in marketing arises from the fact that data complexity and size are growing at an exponential rate.

Until recently, businesses and marketers were not too sure
about deploying artificial intelligence for marketing.

For starters, consumers are using AI more than before.

Check out the image below from Pega:
artificial intelligence affects digital marketing consumers

It is interesting that a majority of consumers use
an AI-powered service or device “unwittingly.”

According to emarsys, driving revenue, customer service and expectations, competitive advantage and brand strengthening are the primary reasons for businesses to invest in AI.
artificial intelligence affects digital marketing omnidigit

I believe the recent interest in AI has been fueled by
IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning and Big Data.

How automation and artificial intelligence affects digital marketing?

While AI is still in its early stages, here are some useful applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing:

artificial intelligence affects digital marketing predictive analytics omnidigit

Predictive Analytics for Simplifying Decision Making

Don’t worry, I will not geek out on you!

Whenever you browse the Internet, information related to your online behavior is stored for AI analysis.

While it may sound creepy, it helps marketers create targeted campaigns to provide you with “relevant” information.

Google search algorithms have changed significantly in this regard.

This is why today when you search for something on Google, you get “personalized” results.

This is a win-win situation for the marketer and the consumer.


It translates into shorter sales-cycles for the business, and simpler decision making on the part of the consumer.

When consumers are happy, and they get the right product at the right price, they become loyal customers.

Machine Learning: Google AdWords In-market audiences

Using machine learning, In-market Audiences understands the purchase intent of the user.

The process involves analyzing trillions of search queries and activity across millions of websites.

Google has a detailed answer on Audience Targeting.

artificial intelligence affects digital marketing via personalization


Putting the customer first has been a crucial element for success in business.

We all know about it, talk about it, but fail to implement this strategy in its entirety.

Imagine what could happen when
content marketing strategy and artificial intelligence are synchronized?

We would be able to see personalized content marketing campaigns
based on data such as buying behavior and intent, and online searches.

Conversational Commerce: Chatbots and AI

Users often communicate on private messengers
such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Not to forget in-app messengers on websites.

Businesses will be able to enhance user experience
on these platforms using AI-driven programs called Chatbots
in a multi-dimensional communication format.

For example, the conversational marketing platform called Drift
allows you to chat with your website visitors 24 hours a day.
You can try this service free of cost.

Let’s see how the Google A.I. Assistant calls local businesses
to make appointments (taken from the Google I/O 2018):

I particularly liked the fact that when the Salon receptionist
says “Sure, give me one second”, the Assistant responds “Mm-hmm.”

That’s personalization for you!

While I understand that consumers would prefer a human to a chatbot,
it is highly likely that they would not care much whether the call center rep on the other side is a human or a chatbot.

Unlike human beings, “losing patience” is not a trait of bots,
thus making the customer experience more enjoyable.

Since bots can also handle multiple customer requests simultaneously,
it translates into higher RoI for the business.

What if you can see and feel a product before you purchase it?

That will make decision making a piece of cake for the user.
Wouldn’t it?

Thanks to AI’s Augmented Reality (AR),
this functionality will soon become part of the buying process.

AI driven Image Recognition in Digital Marketing

Image Recognition

The deep learning-based image and video analysis tool called Amazon Rekognition allows you to add image and video analysis to your applications.

The service can identify objects; additionally, recognize, analyze and compare faces,
and even detect any inappropriate content.

Where does this technology come into play?

Banks and financial institutions can leverage this AI-enabled technology
to facilitate faster payments and realize higher levels of security.

AI can analyze social media images to understand the browsing habits,
behavior, and needs of users to deliver data-driven insights.

Talking about the impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing,
let us talk a little more specifically about SEO, content marketing, email marketing and influencer marketing.

AI-driven SEO

Have you ever wondered why a web page
ranks better or worse than another?

The bad news- no one really knows.

Yup, you heard me right.

Thanks to Google’s machine learning algorithm RankBrain,
understanding the “exact” ranking factors has become almost impossible.

The permutation and combinations to understand
the specific ranking factors could drive you nuts.

RankBrain tries to figure out what a searcher actually means.

It observes user experience signals such as
organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate), dwell time, bounce rate and pogo sticking.

Artificial intelligence-driven search engine optimization
is about making sure that the user finds your content useful and valuable.

Aspects of Digital such as AMP, Voice Search and Structured Data
would dominate the AI-driven SEO scene.

You can read about the Digital Marketing Trends
to learn more about what you need to do this year to stay ahead in the SEO game.

And of course, you can say goodbye
to keyword stuffing and other black-hat tactics!

AI-driven Website Design & Optimization

Can Artificial Intelligence design websites without much human effort?

Sure, it can.

Presenting The Grid!

AI driven Website Design in Digital Marketing Omnidigit

As a digital growth hacker,
I have always maintained that CRO (conversion rate optimization) is a powerful aspect of digital marketing.

It can change numbers (revenue) significantly.

Unlike the time-hogging traditional AB testing tools,
AI-based tools can test a large number of both page elements and page variations simultaneously.

With machines doing the diagnosis and presenting insights,
CRO would be faster, more data-driven and accurate.

More revenue for the businesses!

AI driven Content Marketing in Digital Marketing Omnidigit

AI-driven Content Marketing

According to Gartner, 20% of business content
will be authored by machines by the end of this year.

Content creation with Artificial Intelligence technology
will be faster and more effective.

Content writers don’t need to worry
as this technology is still far from perfect.

I believe that even after maturity,
Artificial Intelligence content creation tools would need the human touch
to address the “personalization” aspect of content marketing.

Good job RankBrain; you saved thousands of jobs!

How about some AI-based content marketing tools and technologies?

Cortex uses machine learning to analyze social media insights
and make actionable recommendations.

If you are looking for competitor analysis pertaining content marketing,
Crayon and PowerIQ are worth checking out.

AI-driven Email Marketing

Again, email-marketers need not worry about
AI taking away their jobs in near future.

With machine learning, you can automate
send times and frequency of emails, thus maximizing engagement and conversions.

As mentioned earlier, AI can gather actionable insights
from user behavior.

In this context, it can predict the content and promotional offer
that will drive a user to convert.

User engagement would see better results
since AI will be able to accurately suggest the best time of day and the frequency to engage an individual.

You (as a user) might respond better to an image-based promotional offer while I can be influenced by video content and convert.

AI would enable faster Multivariate and A/B testing at scale.

AI driven Influencer Marketing in Digital Marketing

AI-driven Influencer Marketing

Machine learning is not limited to hiring and encouraging influencers
to post content.

It will connect the right pieces – which influencer can help drive
the most brand engagement.

AI tools will tweak Influencer campaign as and when needed for maximum ROI.

A limitation of current tools and technologies is to understand the influencer personas and their content.

Moreover, this consumes much time.

AI-powered influencer marketing, on the other hand,
will be able to analyze millions of image attributes to gather valuable insights about the personas.

What if you can understand what level of incentive works best
to engage an influencer?

Taking it a step ahead, what if you can offer that incentive to the influencer at the right time – that is when he is most likely to post.

With AI-powered tools, you can kick guesswork out of
influencer marketing campaigns.

Influential is one such AI based influencer marketplace
that uses IBM Watson-powered data insights to match brands with
social media influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

So what’s holding Artificial Intelligence back today?

Here is what PWC’s 2018 report says:

AI limitations in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence tools in digital marketing
will save businesses both time and money.

Will artificial intelligence overtake digital marketers?

I do not see AI as a threat to jobs.

It will do the heavy lifting so the human counterpart
can make better decisions in less time.

Does artificial intelligence (AI) guarantee
the future of digital marketing?

What’s your take on this?

Hit the comment button and share your voice!

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