Marketing to Millennials: Are you All EARS?

If you are marketing to millennials in 2019,
this is surely going to help…

This demographic is showing much love for audio consumption.

As per an Ipsos study conducted for iHeartRadio,

Millennials are consuming different audio formats,
more often than any other generation.

Understanding your audience is key to success in digital marketing.

The way Gen Y (millennials) and Gen Z behave is different.

Hence, the strategy for marketing to millennials
has to be personalized as well.

What makes audio hot?

If your audience is hard to reach, audio can come to your rescue.

In today’s audio-first world, radio is still the king.

85% of consumers listen to a radio broadcast at least once per week.

Compare that with social media (68%) and live TV (56%).

69% of consumers tune in to the radio at least once a day.

That’s more than 2x the listenership of audio streaming services.


What about other audio formats?

Marketing to Millennials: Research

In 2019, more than half of American consumers
admitted to listening to a podcast at least once in their lives.

Compare this with 2009, when this number was a tiny 22%.

More Data?

The research survey found that 50% of the US consumers
(12+ year old) listen to YouTube at least once a week.

Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music are enjoying
YOY (year over year) growth in their monthly listener numbers.

Their 12-to-34 demographic has grown by 3-9% since 2017.

The Gen Y or Millennials love audio more than others.

However, the affinity for audio does not seem
to be dismal among other demographics in the US.

In fact, regardless of age, American consumers contribute
to over 17 hours of weekly audio consumption.

Gen Y = 18.8 hours/week

Baby Boomers = 15 hours/week

In one of our posts, we talked in detail about
voice search seo is becoming increasingly important.

As per a 2019 media survey, 25% of the US population
owns a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo.

And 52% of families own more than one device.

These numbers should help you
make informed decisions when marketing to millennials.

How often do you tune in to the radio?

We are all “EARS”!