Walmart InHome Delivery Arrives This Fall: Hello Fridgetopia!

Soon, you will enjoy Walmart InHome Delivery.

A little English please!

Walmart will soon be delivery grocery items to your home,
even when you are not home.


Walmart has announced that the service will launch this Fall
in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Vero Beach.

Over 1 million customers in these areas
will be able to enjoy this service.

How does Walmart InHome Delivery work?

Start by placing a grocery order.

At the checkout, select InHome Delivery and a delivery day.

That’s all?


Walmart takes care of the rest.

That still doesn’t clarify
how will they deliver when you’re not home.

A Walmart associate will use smart entry technology
and a proprietary, wearable camera to access your home.

This way, you will control access of the associate.

Moreover, you will able to watch the delivery from a remote location.

And if you like, you can also watch the archived video later.

Walmart InHome Delivery associates will undergo
an extensive training program to make this a seamless experience.

That’s not all.

Later this year, the service will also
allow you to return items purchased on

InHome Delivery is a powerful trio of
store footprint, store associates and advanced supply chain.

While the Key by Amazon
requires you to have an Amazon Cloud Cam and a smart lock….

Walmart InHome does away with
the requirement of having your own security camera system.

What about the cost of this service?

Walmart says it will disclose
that information closer to launch in the fall.

What about the cost of the groceries?

Same as in your local Walmart.

Walmart uses the funny term Fridgetopia.

And defines it as the feeling your refrigerator gets when
it’s stocked with everything you need