Modoo Fetal Monitoring Patch: Google Startups Asia!

If you believe in using technology for the good,
you’d surely love the Modoo fetal monitoring patch.

And by the way…

It is also the smallest fetal monitoring patch in the world.

The startup won the Judge’s Choice award at the
Google for Startups Asia Demo Day in Bangkok last week.

Demo Day is a platform for entrepreneurs
to connect and solve big problems.

Modoo founder Jiliang Ma wanted to use technology to help people.

He spent years developing technology for fun.

But when his good friend lost her baby before her due date,
his perspective started changing.

He could not find any technology that could help expectant mothers.

With that thought and motivation,
he founded Modoo in 2015.

And created the smallest fetal monitoring patch in the world.

It is also the safest high-frequency fetal monitoring device.

It does not use ultrasonic parts, after all.

Technology Behind Modoo

The AI-based device used passive monitoring,
minus ultrasonic radiating.

This also makes the device lightweight.

It carries customized multi-channel and high-sensitivity sensors
to monitor fetal heart rate and movement simultaneously.

Modoo Fetal Monitoring Patch Applications?

Mothers-to-be can monitor their baby’s
movement and heartbeat anytime.

The device pairs up with an app that provides
information and health advice using artificial intelligence.

The goal is to detect complications early and prevent fetal distress.

Modoo has already helped 60,000 mothers.

Moreover, the artificial intelligence-based application
saved the precious lives of 87 babies.

Beautiful. Isn’t it?