LinkedIn Algorithm Update: From Broad to Niche!

Get ready for a LinkedIn algorithm update today.

As per a report, LinkedIn will announce an algorithm change today.

The social network has been working on this for over a year.

The update aims at supporting conversations
in Feed for niche professional interests.

Viral content might take a hit?

News feeds were created to connect one voice to many.

Sadly, they are failing to deliver value since
communication is moving towards more personal and temporary.

You might have observed that
LinkedIn notifications or engagements have gone up recently.

LinkedIn’s research found that the top 1% of
the power users were getting most of the attention.

LinkedIn Algorithm Update: Changes

Conversational content will get a raise on the platform.

LinkedIn will elevate a post if it is
closer to your interests or network if it needs more engagement.

Hence, the virality of a content piece
will no longer will the sole deciding factor.

Opinions matter. Right?

LinkedIn feels the same.

It will, therefore,
elevate conversations that encourage a response.

Posts using mentions and hashtags will also see a raise.

Niche topics will dominate generic ones in the results.

LinkedIn is changing its feed algorithm to drive more engagement.

It does not want people to merely scroll through the platform.

Facebook and Snapchat have already done their part,
to some extent.

Recently, Instagram launched branded content ads.


Engagement is not just good for users.


It also attracts more advertisers.

Head of LinkedIn Feed Product, Pete Davies,
says that revenue of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is up 46% y-o-y.