Google Stealing Content From Genius Media Website?

This might shock you!

Google stealing content?

But according to Genius Media, the search engine has been using its lyrics.

Genius is a digital media company that allows users to
provide annotations and interpretation of song lyrics,
news stories, sources, poetry, and documents.

As per Genius, lyrics from its website are
showing up on Google search information panels.

The Company uses the Google search engine to
drive music aficionados to its site.

And they claim that because of this
lyrics theft, their rankings are dropping.

OmniDigit verified this information.

Here is a screenshot:

Google, of course, has denied the claim.

How can Genius be sure?

They started using a watermarking system around 2016
that embed patterns in the formatting of apostrophes in their lyrics.

Check out the image below:

Source: Genius; Lyrics an excerpt of “Not Today” by Alessia Cara ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

There has been mounting concerns over Google, Facebook
and other tech-giants over their business practices.

In fact, the Department of Justice has been looking
into a new antitrust probe into Google.

Genius’s chief strategy officer Ben Gross said that
they have found 100 examples of songs on Google
that came from their website.

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What do you think about Genius Media’s claims?