Google And JavaScript for SEO: Use Responsibly!

Do Google and JavaScript work well together?

Google’s developer advocate Martin Splitt
recommends being conservative with using JavaScript.

JavaScript or JS is a  client side scripting language.

In other words, JS code is written into an HTML page.

And when you request a JS-based HTML page,
the script communicates with the browser to “take action”.

Splitt believes that using JavaScript
responsibly can be good for user experience.

In addition, it can help with Google Search Index.

Splitt talked about web performance
with Ada Rose Cannon of Samsung.

Joined by Ada Rose Cannon of Samsung,
Splitt discussed a number of topics about
web performance as it relates to SEO.

GoogleBot vs JavaScript

If your website pushes fresh content regularly,
overuse of JS can be an issue.

Google uses a  two-pass indexing process.

Googlebot first renders the HTML and CSS on
a JS-heavy web page since these are non-JS elements.

It then queues up the page and goes on to
index the rest of the “light” content.

Hence, a JS-heavy website with fresh content
might not be indexed for up to a week.

Recent Google News:

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Dynamic Rendering

If your website has an indexing lag,
you can use dynamic rendering.

This way Googlebot will get a
static rendered version of your web page.

This will help the page index faster.

Google and JavaScript: HTML, CSS

Splitt says that HTML and CSS degrade more gracefully.

Hence, they are more resilient than JS.

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