Google Assistant Now Available On Waze Navigation App!

You can now use the Google Assistant on
the Waze Navigation app on your smartphone.

It has been a slow yet steady process since
Google’s acquisition of Waze in 2013.

Recently, Google Maps added the speedometer feature.

Get ready to use the smart voice companion within the Waze app.

Waze is a community-driven app.

You can easily beat heavy traffic with real-time data every second.

And with the Google Assistant integration, you will be able to play music and podcasts, send messages and make calls…

All this without leaving the navigation screen.

Use your voice to access Waze features such as
finding alternate routes or reporting traffic.

What to say?

“Hey Google, report traffic”

“Hey Google, avoid tolls”

Waze is incredibly popular among drivers.

Here is a report (April 2018) showing the
most popular mapping apps in the United States.

Google Assistant will start rolling out in the
United States today on Android devices, in English.