Google Maps New Features: Report Driving Incidents

When you are behind the wheel,
information at the right time can help you in many ways.

No doubt that with Google Maps,
navigating from one place to another is a breeze.

But hang on; there’s more coming to it.

Google is adding new features that will
show real-time information from users.

The idea is to stay even more informed when you are on the road.

What are those new features from Google Maps exactly?

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Report Crashes Directly from iPhone

iPhone users will now be able to report crashes,
speed traps, and traffic slowdowns. 

Android users have already been enjoying this feature. 

Now, it is time for Apple users to use this functionality.

Incident Types

While it is good to know there has been an accident along the route,
specifying the details can help drivers even more.

Google Maps will now report four new types of incidents:

  • Construction
  • Lane closures
  • Disabled vehicles
  • Objects on the road (like debris)

You can report one of these incidents by tapping
on the + sign and then on “Add a report.” 

When will these new features arrive?

Google says that Android and iOS users across the world
should start getting the updates this week.