Google’s Be Internet Awesome Gets New Media Literacy Activities

Google’s Be Internet Awesome (BIA) will soon
have six new media literacy activities.

The initiative from Google aims at teaching kids

the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety

so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Technology definitely improves our lives
both in and out of the classroom.

But it also poses a unique set of challenges.

For example, communicating responsibly,
and telling the real from fake…

This is where BIA comes in to picture.

The program will make it easy (and fun) for kids
to learn key skills for evaluating what they see over the Internet.

Think of the BIA as an instruction manual
for kids to make smart decisions online.

The resources are available for free
in Spanish, English, and eight other languages.

BIA’s pledge has five fundamental topics of
digital citizenship and safety form the Internet Code:

  • Share with Care (Be Internet Smart)
  • Don’t Fall for Fake (Be Internet Alert)
  • Secure Your Secrets (Be Internet Strong)
  • It’s Cool to Be Kind (Be Internet Kind)
  • When in Doubt, Talk It Out (Be Internet Brave)

Students don’t even need a Google account to join the program.

That means no logins, no passwords, and no emails.

Kids can play the Interland game here.

K-12 teachers can teach the BIA curriculum without extra training.

The BIA program is designed for users
from 2nd to 6th grade (ages 7–12).

Google is joining hands with the YMCA and National PTA
across multiple cities to host online safety workshops.

We believe that Google’s BIA is an awesome initiative
to help both kids and families.

If you are a parent,
take advantage of these resources on media literacy.