Mobile Web Usage Exceeds Time Spent On Facebook

Mobile web usage has overtaken Facebook usage
by 3%, as per a

Since 2017, people have started spending less time on Facebook.

Moreover, 9% of Facebook app usage covers web content.

With users spending more time on YouTube, Gmail and Instagram apps,
mobile app usage has witnessed a bigger fragmentation.

What does it mean for marketers and businesses?

For starters, we need to decide whether to run ads on the
Facebook app or on the mobile web.

While mobile apps offer a variety of social content and games,
the mobile web has a wider and more relevant reach.

And if you are targeting high-ad channels,
the latter has an edge.

Understanding where your customers are spending time is one of
the best ways to decide upon the channel for marketing.

Mobile internet usage stands at 800 hours in 2019.

This is expected to hit 930 hours by 2021. 

That’s a 16% increase.

According to emarketer, US adults will spend more time
using mobile devices than watching

Talking about Facebook, there was a 2% decline
in ad spend on Facebook in 2019 Q1.

However, Instagram ad spend grew by 44% during the same period.

Overall, Facebook was richer by $14.9 billion this year (Q1).

Instagram Stories Ads has a major role in this revenue gain.

Focus on understanding mobile web usage of your audience
to get the best bang for your marketing spend!