Website Authority Score Google: What You Need To Know?

Worried about website authority score?

Google’s John Mueller is here to save you.

The webmaster trends analyst says that
Google does not specifically measure a site’s authority.

Mueller says that Google doesn’t have an authority metric.

Here is an excerpt:

“In general, Google doesn’t evaluate a site’s authority.
So it’s not something where we would give you a score on
authority and say this is the general score for authority
on your website. That’s not something we would be applying here.”

What’s interesting is that there is a section on
evaluating authority in Google’s quality rater guidelines.

What should you focus on?


Yes, pay attention to the user experience first.

Google June 2019 Core Search Update

Mueller suggests that you ask your existing users
to assess your site authority.

Do the users trust your website?

Is the content relevant and valuable?

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