Google Ads Redesign: Looks Like Search Results

Why did Google decide to make Ads look like Search results?

You will observe a new look for its search results on the desktop.

Here is a screenshot:

As you can see, the ads are labeled by a dark black “Ad” text.

Interestingly, they look like the favicons that now appear next to the search results.

It is no brainer then that people are more likely to click on the ads.

As per Google, “the format puts a site’s brand front & center, helping searchers better understand where information is coming from, more easily scan results & decide what to explore.”

While the update is rather new, it’s not the first time Google has tested the format.

This redesign showed up in May last year on Google search for mobile devices.  Google has then said that it aimed to help users “better understand where the information is coming from and what pages have what [they’re] looking for.”

What do you think of the redesigned Google Ads?