Data Driven Creative Marketing: Insights that Inspire!

I am sure you will agree when I say….

There always has been a debate about data vs creativity.

Is there a place for creativity in a data driven world?

Does the trend towards data-driven marketing
hinder its creative process?

And which side I am on?

Read on to find out…

Data Driven Creative Marketing

A data driven marketing strategy has immense benefits.

It gives you a place to start with.

There is some kind of direction or starting point with data.

Take for example programmatic advertising.

Can you conquer it without understanding data?

Data driven marketing decisions
often bring positive results.

On the other hand, creativity is no less powerful.

If I present you a bunch of numbers as a blog post,
and then show the same data using a super cool,
dynamic chart or infographic.

Which will you prefer?

Creativity still holds immense power in driving sales.

Stephan Vogel, Ogilvy & Mather Germany’s CCO opines the same.

She believes that creative advertising is
more memorable, longer lasting,
works with less media spending,
and builds a fan community…faster

That certainly holds true.
No questions there!

But what about the data tribe?

Seems we are still stuck with data vs creativity debate?

You can collect data on almost anything today.

Marketers know what people are buying,
what’s their income, where they live…

And even…
What they eat for breakfast.


However, data by itself is of no use.

As growth hackers,
our job is to turn data into information.

And then draw meaningful insights
out of that information.

And if we support data driven creative marketing,
we better have an example (data) to back that up.


Here are some AWESOME
data driven creative marketing/advertising examples:

It Starts Inside: Activia

During Q1 2017, Activia rolled out
the  ‘It Starts Inside’ rebranding campaign.

Their goal was to engage women and
encourage them to realize their potential.

Their tag line was…

Helping young women find their positive inner voice.

Dig into data?

But before that…
Let’s watch the ad.

That’s sheer creative genius.

Isn’t it?
Yes and No.

Yes, because the creative minds behind the ad
did a phenomenal job of using emotional storytelling.

And no, because there was
extensive research (data) behind the ad.

Activia and research partner GlobalWebIndex
conducted a massive survey before the campaign.

Data revealed that 80% of 25-55-year-old women
in the U.S. feel that they are their own worst critic.

The campaign worked because…

It used the right insights from data
to create a compelling creative video.

The ad appeals to women’s emotions.

And shifts perception of Activia from that of
a product to something BIGGER!

Audience first marketing is the way to go.

How about another example of data and creativity in advertising?

Spotify: 2018 Goals

What if I tell you that Spotify doesn’t make any money?
Am I nuts?
Or are they nuts?

Spotify’s revenues are super awesome.
But their profits are NOT.

One of their biggest challenges was to keep cost low.
Hence, they crafted the 2018 Goals campaign internally.

Yes, no creative agency involved here.

Spotify chose billboard and posters
as the platform for the campaign.

Here is an example.

Be significantly less proficient at goodbyes.

The goal is followed by the
song name “too good at goodbyes” by Sam Smith.

Get the idea?

Humor and personalization go hand in hand in this campaign.

Excellent B2C marketing!

Here’s another one:

Eat vegan brisket with the person
who made a playlist called “Leftist Elitist Snowflake BBQ.”

Colorful, vibrant backdrops caught the attention of people quickly.

And in the age of social media,
Spotify gave users an option to share something and smile.

Spotify went local with this campaign.

Different countries…Different languages.

The campaign was a success.

Spotify tripled its revenue in the first quarter of 2018.
And their premium subscriber base grew to 81 million.

Analyze Audience Habits + Data Insights + Creativity = Genius!

Spotify used audience data to create
a creative marketing campaign.

After all, how many brands create an
interactive microsite, personalized for each listener?

Once again, an excellent example of
understanding user data and using it the right way.

Remember I said earlier
I will tell you which side I am on?

I am on the side where data meets creativity.

To me, either one, by itself,  is incomplete.

The audience does not care about data…

They want to feel a part of the play.

And until you know “who”
the audience is, you cannot reach them.

Get my point?

You might be wondering…

“Alright, all these brands are doing these
cool things with data and creativity.

How do I execute this strategy?”

How can data-driven creativity guide us
in developing a business?

Worry not my friend,

Here are ACTIONABLE items for you to
start with data driven creative marketing.

Know your Audience

Duh! That’s it?

This may sound simple to you.

This is where 90% of the brands FAIL.

They shoot in the dark.

Marketing is not about firing at everyone.

It is a game of researching your audience
and targeting them with the right message, through the right channel,
at the right time.

Yes, that’s omnichannel marketing for you!

Do you know that 61% consumers feel
that brands don’t understand them?

And that’ sad…

Especially because we live in an age where
we have access to a plethora of analytics tools and technologies
that allows us to research our audiences better.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing,
when combined right, yield great results.

Olay Skincare nailed this one.

Their team used Google and YouTube data to
discover an amazing insight into their target audience.

And that is?

That these users loved football and horror movies.

Using this data, they created the Olay Killer Skin campaign.

The creative has over 16.7 million views on YouTube.

Take a look:

You don’t need to be Olay or Nike
to be able to unravel those insights.

A good eye and the right tools will do the job for you.

Make it About Them

My company does this.
We do great things,
We can help you…

Bla Bla Bla…

Who cares what you do!

If you are not making it about your audience,
you are not doing it right.

Nike does not say- we make awesome shoes.

Instead, the brand tells amazing stories
through athletes that resonate with the end user.

Take for example the recent
Nike Dream Crazier video campaign.

Nike titles the ad:

A Crazy Dream Becomes Reality When You Just Do It

Can you see anywhere Nike talks about itself?

You can read about the Nike Colin Kaepernick ad here.

When you put trust in your audience,
your brand will reach amazing heights.

Strategize And Experiment

People often ask me

What’s the best digital marketing or growth hacking strategy?

Which conversion optimization tactic works best?

Well, there is no perfect answer.

You will have to experiment with some
to know what works for your brand.

Marketing is not for the closed minded.

If you are not experimenting, you are not growing.

Rapid experimentation is the key to creating
growth hacking mindset.

A better term?
Strategic Experimentation.

Understand your data, and then play with experiments.

Whether it is about optimizing a landing page,
or a
social media message, be prepared to test.

In a recent post,
we talked about
Facebook video algorithm update.

Did you know that users watch
85% of Facebook video
without sound?

Facebook even revealed that users
prefer longer videos- three-minutes or more.

All of these are great insights (data).

How you use it tests your creative intelligence.

Understand Data Driven Marketing.

Creative use of data can make all the difference.

Storytelling with Data

When you know how to communicate effectively
with data, you will master the art of storytelling.

And as you know, storytelling is the
most powerful way of building a brand.

People forget the news.

Stories remain in our hearts forever.


Wrapping this post….

When you marry meaningful data
with creativity, the result ROCKS!


Data driven creative marketing is the way to go, folks!

How about you suggest an example where you used
data and creativity to create something SPECTACULAR!

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