Amazon DIY Home Kit: Ready In TWO Days!

Do you want to build your little cabin yourself?

With Amazon DIY home kits, you surely can.

And one of their getaway cabin kit claims that
you can assemble it in 2-3 days.

Priced at $18.8k, the solid wood cabin kit makes a
beautiful, tiny getaway home.

Amazon wants to sell everything.

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Seems like that might actually be true.

The rising costs of living and the growth of minimalist living culture
have fueled the demand for tiny homes.

The caveat- not all of us know how to build a house.

This is where DIY home kits can be useful.

Check out this installation video for one of the Amazon kits:

The Amazon marketplace now carries over
24 options for DIY tiny-home kits.

You can get one of these for just a little over $5,000.

One of their studio cabin kits went viral and sold out immediately.

Priced at $7,250, two people can
build the cabin in less than eight hours.

Would you purchase one of the Amazon DIY home kits?