Amazon Warehouse Robots Have Arrived: Hello Pegasus Drive!

The 3-feet-wide Pegasus joins the league of Amazon Warehouse Robots.

It is designed to improve efficient in sortation.

In other words, customers will receive orders faster than before.

The Amazon sortation center in Denver,
Colorado is home to these orange robots.

Seems Amazon is on an innovation drive.

Today, we also reported about Amazon launching
kiosks in London rail stations.

I know you guys must be wondering- will robots replace human jobs?

Cathryn Kachura is one of the
Amazon employees working “with” robots.

She says that after the arrival of robotics,
the employee-count has not gone down.

In her words,

We employ the same number of people now that we did before we had the robotics field. The robots just pick up the extra workload.

Want to see Amazon warehouse robots at work?

Steve Campbell is the director of Amazon Robotics Product Strategy .

He believes that Amazon would need to hire
more people “to help sustain the increased productivity levels.”.

He adds,
this is the chain reaction of job growth we strive for when designing robotic systems.

Robots went live at the Denver sortation center in October 2018.

Since then, they have covered over 1.5 million miles.

Robots are expected to arrive at
other Amazon sortation centers across the U.S. this year.

Seems Amazon has big plans for automating its business using robots.

What do you think about Amazon warehouse robots?