The Aftermath of Google 2019 June Core Search Update!

First, there were speculations about the Google June core search update.

And when the update rolled out,
marketers were worried about its effect on their website rankings.

While some sites have not seen a drop in their rankings,
others were not so lucky.

Daily Mail Online is a famous news website in the UK.

According to a post by Jesus Mendez,
the website was hit hard by the June update from Google.

How hard?

As per the post,
the website observed a 50% drop in Search traffic.

And to make things worse…

Their Discover traffic dropped by
90% across all verticals, devices, AMP and Non-AMP.

Interestingly, the Mirror and the Sun enjoyed the core update.

What’s going on?

At this point, we cannot say for sure
what is the reason behind this massive drop.

However, site speed, ads,
and content could be some of the possible causes.

Calling on the SEO Community

I find it beautiful that
the SEO community is transparent about these issues.

Did your website take a hit or get some Google love?

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