Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime: Ecommerce Update!

Walmart is working hard to compete with rival Amazon.

With its new offering, Walmart Plus (Walmart +), the eCommerce giant is going head to head with Amazon Prime.

As per Vox’s Recode, Walmart has been developing the program for over a year.

Expected to launch this March, Walmart is planning to offer perks that Amazon can’t replicate.

More info, please!

These so-called “perks” could include unlimited same-day delivery on groceries and text-based shopping.

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We must add here that Walmart had already tested the waters for text-based shopping via the Jet Black shopping service (now defunct).

And we cannot forget a new third-party fulfillment service for its marketplace sellers.

Yes, that’s Walmart’s answer to Amazon’s model as well.

Only time can tell how Walmart Plus (Walmart +) will play against Amazon!