Valentine’s Day Marketing 2019: Cupid Done Right!

What’s with marketing and Valentine’s Day?

How can you use this occasion to promote your business?

Did you know that in 2018,

Valentine’s Day gift purchases were

around $20 billion?

That’s a huge market to tap, right?

Here is the Valentine’s Day Marketing spend chart

from 2009 to 2019 to get a better idea about the trend:

So how can businesses leverage valentine’s day marketing this year to get a share of the $20 billion pie?

Let’s dig into some valentine’s day business ideas, courtesy, the growth trio of LeedJenraytor, Connie Verzon, Digithedog, and the entire OmniDigit team.

Where do Americans spend on Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day Marketing 2018 Stats

Last year, the ratio of men to women was higher in terms of spending on Love Day.

Stats suggest that 71.4% of millennials, 65.1% of Gen Xers, and 52.9% of baby boomers shared the big spend.

2019 Projected Numbers

This year, the average American buyer is expected to spend $221.34 on Valentine’s Day.

Which segment (recipient of the gift) tops the list?

The better halves, aka wives, are expected to receive gifts worth $358 on average. Kids and girlfriends’ gifts are expected to be $280 and $231 respectively.

Not to forget our four=-legged furry pals; their gifts would amount to anywhere between $81 and $96.

Interestingly, boyfriends, stand last in the list of recipients (average amount spent), with their average gift value being $105.

Glad this group didn’t stand last in the group!

And if you have been following OmniDigit blog, you would surely understand by now that we are all about Audience-First Marketing.

So which segment(s) of the audience is most excited about Valentine’s Day 2019?

Hail Gen Y as they lead the list- 63% of them are planning to buy a gift on V-Day.

Gen X and Baby Boomers follow them with 57% and 39% respectively.

Numbers don’t lie.

Now that you know how Valentine’s Day can generate massive sales,

It is time to understand how marketing and valentine’s day work together.

Let’s start with some examples.

After all, OmniDigit believes in actionable digital growth hacking.

Valentine’s Day Marketing: These Brands Are Killing it!

Love Out Loud, A Silent Film

The floral wire service company Teleflora tops our list of brands that have been killing it at Valentine’s Day marketing.

I absolutely love their video titled Love Out Loud, A Silent Film.

This video generated over 2.1 million views on YouTube.

What makes this video successful?

Let’s hear it from the best ambassador and critique of any business- their customer.

One of the comments on YouTube reads:

“I found this commercial today while streaming on Hulu. It made me cry from happiness and joy. The message came through, that hope and happiness arrives whenever unexpected. Now I know where to call to send flowers to my family. Thank you Teleflora!”

This video touches your heart, without saying a word.

Their message “True love blooms brightest” captures the journey of a boy’s love from childhood to adulthood,

with one common thread- love and roses.

The black and white, 90-second animated video makes you both happy and a bit sad.

Excellent storytelling without celebrities, or even words!

Ikea for couples

Ikea nailed it at Valentine’s Day marketing with their video (see below).

The view has over 115k views.

The secret to the success of this video is its innocence and simplicity.

I firmly believe that brands need to humanize themselves in order to make a bigger and deeper impact on consumer psychology.

Ikea takes you on a journey of three couples who have been together since the opening of Ikea’s first store in 1958.

I found it beautiful when one of the couples Kerstin & Torsten,

who have been together since 1949, say “Really, living an entire life together without disagreeing…that’s not life.”

The video shows “real life” interactions of couples when they shop at Ikea.

You cannot stop loving this video from Ikea.

Valentine’s Day Business Ideas 2019

How can you follow the footsteps of Teleflora and Ikea to succeed at Valentine’s day marketing this year?

Start with creating an omnichannel marketing strategy incorporating audience first marketing.

Understand your target audience’s behavior, needs, responses, complaints, and feedback.

This one sentence summary of marketing, if understood well, can take you places with your digital marketing efforts.

Here are a few tactics you can incorporate in your valentine’s day promotions this year.

Love is in the hearts; Lovers might be on Social

Ascertain where your target audience hangs out- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or some other platform?

Engage with your audience, thereafter, run a poll leading up to the Valentine’s Day.

That means having a new poll for Valentine’s week.

The important thing here is to understand how you can “interact” with your audience using your products or services.

No need to worry if your product does not directly fall in Valentine’s basket category- chocolates, flowers or jewelry.

Use visuals to improve audience engagement.

Focus on the power of TWO

Remember, Valentine’s day is all about love.

And love involves two people.

Therefore, your valentine’s day marketing slogans and messages should take that into consideration.

You can use two for one deals to attract the audience.

Travelex did a wonderful job by creating an online contest that encouraged couples from across the world to upload romantic travel photos with the hashtag #TravelexKiss.

The prize?

Two round-trip tickets to the city of romance, Paris.

Travelex leveraged user-generated content to make this valentine’s day marketing campaign a huge success.

Embrace Valentine’s Day

This day is about love, and so should be your brand positioning and messaging.

You can also leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your messaging in your content marketing efforts.

Ensure that your social media covers, website images, and other marketing assets showcase the Valentine’s Day theme.

This is an important conversion optimization tip!

Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

Plan an email campaign ahead of time with the right message.

The theme of all the emails should resonate with the look and feel of Valentine’s Day.

Thank your customers for supporting your business.

Yes, your customers are your Valentine too.

It will be even better if you can add a special Valentine’s week sale to the email.

This way, not only are you thanking your customer but also showing that you “mean” it with a discount offer.

Give the Mic to your customers

Yes, there’s nothing better than user-generated content.

Encourage your audiences to share date-night stories and other stories about their life.

Stories could be about love as well as about the dates that did not end well.

This will allow the stories to capture a wide range of emotions- happiness, sadness, and humor.

You will observe more engagement when you allow your customers to take the reign of content creation.

Remember, user-generated content is one of the most powerful tactics of content marketing.

What About The Single’s Club?

Some of your prospects and customers might be single, either by chance or by choice.

Don’t take them off your valentine’s day marketing campaign.

You can create a special offer for the singles out there.

For example, promoting a singles-only group lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Does your business run a valentine’s day marketing campaign?

Leave your comments below and spread the love on the poet’s holiday, aka, Valentine’s Day!

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