Social Media Noise: Is Too Much Social Making You Antisocial?

Is too much social making you antisocial?

Is the social media noise distracting us from life?

Yeah, OmniDigit is a digital marketing and growth hacking firm that uses social media advertising as one of the tactics to help businesses grow.

Yet, I am talking about the downside of using social media?

From MySpace and Orkut, to the present-day LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,

social media has gained much momentum in the last two decades.

Social Media has redefined the way people communicate with each other.

It has addressed globalization in the real sense, and allowed people from across the world to break the barriers of country, region, religion and more.

And in the business world, social media marketing has had a tremendous impact as well.

Last year (2018), over 3 billion people had access to social media.

That’s a 13% growth from 2017.

This year, social media advertising revenue would grow to $92,931 million.

And by 2023, the market volume will hit $217,925 million.

All great stuff. Right?

Not really!

How social media is affecting our lives?

Sadly, social media addiction has become a global issue.

More and more kids and even adults are falling prey to the social media virus, resulting in physical and mental health issues.

And that’s not all, social media has been blamed to be the cause of failing relationships as well.

Social media noise and distractions at work can also lead to productivity loss.

So how can you break free of the social media noise and lead a happier, healthier life?

Here are five tips to help you with social media detox.

Social Media Detox Tip 1: Rehabilitate

A lot of us spend hours on the our smartphones, using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

Now I understand that if you are doing that for work or to communicate with your family and friends.

According to market-research group Nielsen, adults in the US spend more than 11 hours every day online.

That’s not good for your mental or physical health.

The first step to addressing social media addiction is having a rehabilitation plan.

Don’t spend all day on your phone.

Unless it is for work or for something important, try not to use the smartphone.

Schedule Hours to Avoid Social Media Noise

Self discipline can help you fight the social media addiction.

Set fixed hours every day to use social media.

If you are spending more than 2-3 hours

on social media (other than for work), you have an addiction.

Sad, but true.

This simple, yet powerful tip, will help you detach yourself from the cravings of clicking the refresh button on your Facebook or Instagram to see likes and comments.

Notifications: Who needs them?

Check your smartphone and see if your social media notifications are turned on or off?

Most likely, they would be in the ON state.

According to the Udemy 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, social media is responsible for 56% distractions.

A survey revealed that 86% users said that Facebook is a workplace distraction.

Now, I am not asking you to stop using social media sites.

However, you can surely turn off the notifications while at work, so you can focus on your job, and achieve a higher level of productivity.

Not a bad idea to even keep the notifications off while not at work.

I don’t use Facebook in my personal life.

Yet, I never felt I am missing out.

If there is an emergency, people can contact you via a regular phone call or text.


Validation is Invalid

A majority of people, especially teenagers, seek validation from others on social media.

Right from sharing selfies to even what they are eating with who….

Validation is one of the biggest drivers of social media usage.

How to assess if you are one of them?

The next time to post a photo and have that urge to click the refresh button to see the growth in likes, comments or followers, you know you have fallen prey to the social media psychology game.

Life is too beautiful. We all are unique.

You don’t need validation from others via social media.

Do what you love

Do you like to workout? Or swim?

Outdoor activities can help you fight the social media addiction.

And when you are busy playing the guitar or dancing to your favorite song, switch off the social media notifications.

Spend time on your hobbies and things you love.

Go out and explore the world.

Stay motivated and positive.

Not only will that help you fight the addiction, but also burn calories.

As a business or entrepreneur, social media marketing is important.

But if it is taking a toll on your productivity or personal life, it is time to diagnose the core issue and resolve it before it is too late.

How do you cope with social media noise and distractions?

Share your comments below.

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