Data Driven TV Advertising: LiveRamp’s Latest Acquisition!

LiveRamp is expanding its data driven advertising arm.

Recently, it acquired Data Plus Math,
a data-driven TV advertising solutions provider, for $150 million.

This acquisition will bring together Identity Resolution
and measurement and media planning capabilities.

Data-driven TV advertising is becoming
increasingly popular among advertisers.

The growth in CTV (connected TV) providers is driving this trend.

In 2017, mobile-dominated video ad impressions had
a 39%
share in Q4 while CTV claimed a tiny 16% share.

By the end of last year, CTV  impressions grew to 44%.

Traditional TV has mostly been the playground for large ad buyers.

CTV and streaming advertising solutions could potentially change this.

Do people still watch live, ad-supported linear TV?

As per the Nielsen Total Audience Report,
linear TV still commands the majority of viewing. 

Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2018

LiveRamp recently sold its data marketing division
Acxiom Marketing Solutions to IPG for $2.3 billion. 

This data marketing arm uses third-party data
to deliver hyper-targeted online ad campaigns.

However, it relied heavily on Facebook and similar platforms.

With the recent privacy and data-breach issues with Facebook,
the fate of such business units that focused on third-party
started looking gloomy.

While data-driven TV advertising has been attracting
big investments, it still lacks industry standardization.

It is to be seen how the marriage of LiveRamp and
Data Plus Math will drive data-driven advertising on the television.

With omnichannel marketing becoming more pervasive,
data-driven TV advertising could definitely change the TV ad space.